Powerful antiaging benefit

Provides various benefits for health management:

Limits gastric ulcers

- The CNS inhibitory action of saponin suppresses central nervous system functions that excite the parasympathetic nerves, which cause stress.

Improve blood circulation

- Creates smooth blood flow to prevent the formation of blood clots.

Improve liver function

- Improved blood flow improves liver function
- Promotes fat metabolism to prevent fat sedimens > prevent fatty liver disease
- Promotes protein and deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis to restore cell division functions, which deteriorates with age > Anti-Aging
- Expels acetaldehyde from the body to eliminate discomfort and stress, and degrade alcohol > Prevents hangovers

Improve cholesterol levels

-Promote protein synthesis in the liver, increase good cholesterol, phospholipid synthesis and blood levels
 -Reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, prevent cholesterol and lipid deposits on blood vessel walls
 -Absorb and separate cholesterol deposited on vessel walls
 -Promote the synthesis of bile acid from cholesterol in the liver and discharge it to the digestive tract ⇒ Effect on arteriosclerosis


-Suppresses platelet aggregation
-Increase in the number of platelets
-Promote cell division in bone marrow, increased red cell count, white blood cell count, and platelets


-Eliminate instability by encouraging secretion of follicle hormone and balancing the autonomic nerves
-Effective for eliminating chills

Stamina & verility

-Promote cell division to increase testicular sperm and sperm count    > Works to improve sperm deficiency, insensitivity, impotence

Stress relief

-Suppress cerebral cortex excitation and suppress excessive secretion of adrenocortical hormone
-Improve immune system
-Improves immune functions of the body, improves lipid metabolism, prevents stress and prevents adult diseases

Improve chills

-Improve blood circulation by dilating capillaries and reducing their resistance


-Improve bone marrow ability to make blood cells

Aging prevention

-Promote cell growth and division
-Activate nerve cell metabolism, prevent aging
-Speed up the development of bifidus bacteria in the intestines